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Written and illustrated by Nina Laden
ISBN# 0-8118-1528-5 (Activity kit with book)
Ages 3-adult
24 pages in book plus poster
Published by Chronicle Books 1997

Everyone's family has a unique history. Maybe your grandparents came from another country, your uncle has five stepbrothers, or your second cousins once-removed are identical twins. "My Family Tree" can help you learn about all the people in your family and how you are related to one another. Along with the colorful pictures and interesting information, there are pages to record family histories and paste in photographs, and a giant poster to help you create your own family tree. "My Family Tree" is educational and fun; a keepsake to be made and treasured by the entire family.

"(It) explains the fine points of second cousins once removed... And recognizes familial complications..." -Publishers Weekly

Selected as "Outstanding" by Parent Council

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